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Graphic Designer

Package design is  a very important process to your brand. It’s part of building the confidence your your customer. You may have a great product, but having a bad design can provide and bad customer experience.

Website Designer

Everything website I create is focused on easy navigation and clean design.

Logo Designer

The representation of your brand. Your logo is the most important piece of your business. This is how customers remember who you are.


Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.

– Salvador Dali

Graphic Designer Scottsdale

My goal as a Freelance Designer is to help startup/ small businesses grow. I have a huge business back ground working in the telecommunications space. I was blessed with the opportunity to work with individual business owners that sold carrier services. Loved this industry so much I stayed in it for 15 years. Working in this space actually gave me more opportunities to use my graphic design skills, but also have a better understanding how a small business works. Understanding what marketing works/ doesn’t work, how to think outside of the box with small budgets, and focus on the businesses needs to successfully grow. Marketing is so important, but has to be done right.

I studied at Northern Kentucky University with a BA in Graphic Design and Minor in Marketing. Northern Kentucky University may not be a well known University, but it had great teachers that have worked for some of the best marketing firms in the US.  In 1999 I was given the opportunity to work at GTE Wireless in Cincinnati Oh. Shortly in 2000 GTE Wireless merged to form Verizon Wireless. Our Market was sold to T-Mobile where I was given the opportunity for a promotion as a Territory Representative.


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