Local SEO

How are customers finding your business locally?

Incomplete Listings

When registering your business on directories. It’s very important to fill everything out about your business. Plus add a lot of pictures the more the better. Show off your business!

Inconsistent Listings

Your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) should always be filled out the same way on every directory.

Duplicate Listings

Make sure to not re-list your business several times on the same directory. This only causes confusion with your customers and splits your reviews in half.

Incomplete Listings

Citations are your best friend. they help your business cast a wider net of this customers that are looking for your services. When your registering your business take advantage of all the questions, uploading pictures, and categories that best represents your business. Citations also help creating a back link to your website! Since Google automatically infers local intent on any searches related to car dealers, it’s important to go above and beyond traditional SEO and optimize for local searches. Citations are the most important off-site signal for local ranking success. Google expects businesses to be listed on certain websites, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, or even Yelp. It’s also extremely important that your business information matches from site to site – if the information is incorrect, that will hurt how well you’ll rank in local searches. You need to be sure that you’re listed on the important citation sites, and you need to be absolutely sure that your NAP information matches exactly on each site.

Inconsistent Listings

Some of the most common mistakes in citation listings are the inconsistencies created through abbreviation. Google’s algorithms is focused on accurate content. EXAMPLE: if your address has Avenue in it, common mistake is using avenue then in a different listing just using ave. When submitting a listing use the exact same content you are using everywhere. Best practice is write every thing about your business in a word document name, address, phone, and business information. Use that document on every citation you fill out. If the a citation is asking for more information add the extra info and record what you wrote for future citations that may ask the same questions.

A study was made a businesses that focused on their citation listings and those that did not.

Key Findings:

  • 28% said ROI was “Excellent”
  • 48% said ROI was “Good” Just
  • 4% said ROI was “Low” or “Very Low”

Analysis: With so many complexities and issues impacting Google+Local, we wanted to know if SEOs see a worthwhile return from the effort invested into optimizing their listings via Google My Business. The feedback was extremely positive: YES, THEY DO! A whopping 76% of respondents said the ROI was either “Excellent” or “Good,” while only 4% said it offered “Low”/”Very Low” ROI.

Duplicate Listings

Let’s start with a quick definition. When a local business has more than one listing for a single physical location in an online directory, these other listings are considered duplicates. A variety of negative outcomes can arise from the presence of duplicate listings, detracting from your local business’s ability to rank well and win customers. The Google Local Business Information Quality Guidelines speak in very plain language about the number of listings your business can have: Do not create more than one listing for each business location, either in a single account or multiple accounts.

There are some exceptions to this, as in the case of multi-partner legal firms or multi-practitioner medical offices, but in most cases, failure to comply with the above rule may result in any or all of the following: In the duplicate listing scenario, you never know which of your listings will outrank the others. You may end up with a highly visible listing with an outdated address, a wrong phone number or other issues showing up for your searches instead of your approved, authoritative listing. New customers may be misdirected by the bad data, causing you to lose business. Your review equity may be split up amongst the different listings. Instead of having a single profile with 20 great reviews, you may have one listing with five reviews and another with 15.

If the listing with only five reviews is the one that shows up, the great reputation you are building will be invisible to your potential customers. Major search engines like Google will not know which of your listings to trust, whether within their own index or within other indexes they rely on for data. You always want to send a single, clear signal about your business to the search engines from each place it is listed. Because of the way that data is fed from one local business index to another on the Internet, even one duplicate listing with bad data can be replicated across multiple platforms. Old listings with incorrect information can end up creating new listings with duplicated errors. Management of a single listing on a variety of platforms can be challenging enough.

If your business needs to update information, you may end up editing the wrong listings if they are duplicates. Your changes may never appear live because you are not editing the listing the search engine or index has decided is most authoritative for your business. Duplicate listings are not always your fault! While some local business owners may intentionally create more than one listing for a physical location because they mistakenly believe it will help their rankings, very often, duplicates may arise out of automated activity on the part of search engines or directories. But, regardless of how duplicate listings are created, it is always a best practice to try to get them removed.

Local SEO Services



  • 1 time manual clean up of citations for inconsistencies, incomplete, and duplicates
  • One time citation submission to all major directories

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  • Monthly manual clean up of citations for inconsistencies, incomplete, and duplicates
  • Quarter NAP Audits
  • One time citation submission to all major directories

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$149 Per Month

One year agreement required.

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